What is IPS Mastermind?

IPS Mastermind is a unique educational site that offers photography business training that is concise, flexible, and community-based. There is a special emphasis on the in-person sales (IPS) business model.

What makes IPS Mastermind different? 

Instead of all the content being taught by one instructor from one perspective or one genre, we have partnered with dozens of the best working photographers in the business with varying specialties and strengths and asked them to teach one particular area that they do really, really well. There is also a strong emphasis on community, and members are encouraged to connect with other members and instructors in our exclusive Facebook groups for support.

How many learning tracks are there?

There are three tracks to choose from.

Business Bootcamp features 10 short lessons and challenges delivered by email every 48 hours.

The Essential Series features 12 core video classes that cover the foundation of running a successful business.

The Masters Collection features dozens of classes, articles, resources, and templates for the more advanced photographer ready to make serious progress in their business. 

Do the classes stay on the site forever?

We regularly release new courses as our goal is to have relevant and current industry information for our members. At times we will archive courses that we feel no longer fit into that category, or update older courses to include new content. We reserve the right to modify/remove courses as needed without warning.

How often is new content added to the Masters Collection?

New content is added regularly. We will continually add new courses, in addition to regular webinars, blog articles, bonus materials, and other fresh content.

How many courses can I take? 

As an Essential Series member, you can take the 12 core classes (and are encouraged to take them in order). As a Masters Collection member, you can access and enjoy ALL the content on the site!

Other than courses, what other benefits are there?

There are articles, webinars, mentor listings, special bonus material and lists of recommended vendors. There are also supportive, private Facebook communities for each tier of membership.

How much does it cost?

Business Bootcamp is a flat rate of $10 for 10 challenges (no recurring charges). The Essentials Series is $35 every 30 days. The Masters Collection is $79 every 30 days.

How does billing work? 

Once you register you will be charged every 30 days until you choose to upgrade or cancel.  NOTE that the membership renews every 30 days, not monthly, so that means in months that have 31 days your membership payment will get pulled a day earlier. We are not responsible if you forget to cancel your membership before it auto-renews every 30 days, and no refunds will be given in these situations.

Can I upgrade my membership?

Yes, if you are an Essential Series member, you can upgrade to Masters Collection at any time. Email contact@ipsmastermind.com if you need assistance.

How can I change my method of billing? 

Log into your profile and you can easily change your billing method there. If you have any trouble, email us here.

Who do I contact with questions? 

Feel free to contact us with questions regarding membership, billing, your subscription, and other matters.  We can be reached using this form.

How do I submit a blog article for the site?

Send a message to Dorie at dorie@ipsmastermind.com.

How do I become an instructor?

Send a message to Rachael at rachael@ipsmastermind.com.

How can I advertise or promote on your site?

Send a message to Dorie at dorie@ipsmastermind.com

How do I become an approved mentor?

At this point in time, our mentor listings are reserved for our recent course instructors. If you would like to apply to be an instructor and teach a course, contact  Rachael at rachael@ipsmastermind.com.

How do I cancel my membership? We know you will never want to leave us, but if  the need arises to cancel your membership log into your profile and click 'cancel.' Your access to the courses will remain open until your next renewal date but you will be removed from the Masters or Essential Members Facebook Groups within 48 hours.

I joined with a coupon code. Can I cancel and rejoin?

If you used a coupon code to join, and then decide to cancel and want to rejoin, you'll need to rejoin at full price. The coupon codes can only be used once per user.

How do I join the exclusive members Facebook group? Once you have joined IPS Mastermind, you are welcome to request membership in the exclusive Facebook group so you can interact with the other members and some of the instructors. The link so the Facebook groups are here. Your access to the Facebook group ends when you cancel your membership, and does not extend until the your access to the courses is cut off after cancellation. If you rejoin as a Mastermind member at any time, you are welcome to rejoin the exclusive Facebook groups!

The opinions expressed in the courses and resources do not necessarily represent the views of IPS Mastermind, its creators, or other instructors.

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