Thank you for filming a video for IPSM! Here are some guidelines to help make this as easy as possible and ensure you get a great result!

Video Guidelines

  1. Make sure that your videos (and your face) are well lit and the background is not distracting. Remove any clutter from your background before starting.

  2. Speak clearly, pause, take breaths, and please speak up so we can hear you!

  3. SMILE! :) It might feel awkward but smiling makes a HUGE difference!!

  4. Look at the camera lens. Make eye contact with your audience. If you need to, tape your notes up high so you can see them easier or use a voice teleprompter app. Please do not continually look down.

  5. Choose your wardrobe carefully. If you wear a sleeveless top, make sure we can see that you actually have clothes on (sometimes hair hides the straps and people can look naked).


For testimonial videos, please keep them no longer than 1 minute. Short and sweet is best!


Enjoy this lighthearted example of how NOT to film your video. :)