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At IPS Mastermind we appreciate all of the amazing vendors in our Facebook group!  It is great when our members get to interact directly with the companies that are supplying the products they sell.

Please review these guidelines for our vendors.  This will enable us all to continue to play nicely with each other.  

  1. Please do NOT start a post in the group promoting your products/services, ask opinions or crowd source our group for feedback on your products or try to promote yourself in a way that you think we won’t see what you are doing. We have a strict "no promotion" policy and any promotional posts will be deleted and are grounds for removal from the group. We don’t come into your groups and page and promote our products, please respect our groups and extend to us the same courtesy.

  2. You CAN respond to a post when a member asks for information on a service or product. You can post once telling them about what you offer. BUT if a member posts about one lab, don't jump in and say that your company provides that service as well or that your company does it better.

  3. You may NOT send private messages to members from our group about your business. This is grounds for removal from the group.

Basically, please play nicely in our groups.  Be respectful of our rules and our members.   

If you want to know of specific promotional opportunities with IPS Mastermind, please add yourself to our vendor list by completing the form  below. We send out e-mails often about opportunities to promote with our company.

If you have an idea about a promotion, please submit those to Dorie Howell at As you can imagine we get many requests for promotion. If your e-mail is not responded too please understand that we are not accepting promotions at that time and try again in about 4 weeks. We also ask that you do not use FB Messaging as a way to communicate with our team about promotions.

IPS Mastermind does not participate in any affiliate programs with any vendor. 

IPS Mastermind Vendor list

Add your information to be added to the IPS Mastermind Vendor List.

By adding yourself to our list you will be notified of any promotional opportunities with IPS Mastermind.

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