Ready to grow beyond your wildest dreams? How would you feel if you started making $2,000, $5,000, or $10,000 sales? YES - it is possible. Learn from the masters and get the tools to build the business you deserve.

This collection gives you everything you need to succeed - IF  you're willing to put in the work.



Who is the Masters Collection for?

The Masters Collection is for the serious photographer who is ready to run their business at a higher level and just needs some support to reach their goals. Commitment to work hard is a must!


So you've been in business for a while, and you love it - but you also know you are not where you want to be.

You have so much potential but you're looking for some extra guidance.

How do you market to find higher end clients willing to pay for your art? How do you streamline your business to make it more efficient and profitable? What the heck should you charge for your work? How can you use the IPS model to have happier clients and higher sales?


The Masters collection is designed to support you every step of the way and get your business where you want it to be -- faster. 


We don't promise any secrets to success. There isn't a magic button you can press to improve your business. You'll need to be committed to working HARD for your own success. 

But if you do that, we can promise you all the support and training you need to achieve your own goals - however lofty they may be. 

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When you join the Masters Collection, you'll instantly get access to 55+ video classes taught by highly profitable working photographers. You'll also receive other bonus materials, like our:

  • Monthly Study group (we read a book together and have a video call with a guest expert!)

  • Telephone script

  • Interactive pricing calculator

  • Client intake form

  • Ordering form template

  • Workflow spreadsheet

  • Consultation checklist

  • Many more templates, scripts, and resources to keep you organized!

You'll be invited to join the Masters Collection Facebook group, so you can chat with other members and some instructors, and find support along the way. Whether you specialize in newborns, head shots, weddings, volume photography, or anything in-between, the business training you'll get in this series have the potentials to transform your business - and your life!

(Your membership fee of $99 is automatically charged every 30 days as long as you stay a member.)

You'll also get our full Virtual Trade Show

Where we review products from dozens of vendors to help you decide what to offer in your business


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Plus our Live Sales Video

Which follows a successful photographer through consultation, session, and in-person sale with a real client

Pick and choose the classes you want to take, or start on one of our recommended learning tracks and follow our suggested order to maximize your learning time. 

These classes are all taught by real, working photographers, and the information is concise and practical so you can implement it right away!

Looking for a specific course? You can use the search page HERE or browse our course list HERE

Join the Masters Collection today, and get instant access to ALL the videos and resources you need to make your business more profitable than you've dared to dream!