If you're a member of the Masters Collection, you might be feeling overwhelmed by how many great classes there are.... and you just don't know where to start first!

So, we've set up some recommended study paths, so depending on what you want to learn, you can simply follow the path and know you're getting training that's perfect for you!

Brand new to in-person sales (IPS)?

Start with these classes, in this order:

Struggling with Marketing? 

We recommend these classes, in this order:

Struggling with pricing?

Take these classes, in this order, and you'll have a strong price list in no time!

Want to improve your client communication and experience? 

Start with these classes!

Do you struggle with anxiety and fear? It's ok - it's normal!

These classes will help you!

Are you a wedding photographer wanting to start IPS? 

Here are a few classes that we recommend for you.

Would you like to make your workflow more efficient?

We have some great classes to help with this:

Do you photograph maternity and/or newborns? 

We recommend these classes for you!

To access all these classes and dozens more, click here: