We are pleased to be able to promote products and events to our audience that might be of interest for our members from our Instructors.  We have a few guidelines that we have set in place so that this is beneficial for both parties.

All products, events or items must not conflict with any items currently promoted or offered or in development by IPSM.

-Requests for promotion must be submitted to IPSM for review three weeks before your desired release date.  This is to make sure that we have room in our promotional calendar. The request must include the following:
1.  Dates you would like this to run
2.  A graphic sized for Facebook and social media
3.  A link to your website, page, or blog post explaining the promotion

-Guidelines for promotion:

1.  You may promote a workshop/product up to two times a year as long as there is room in our promotional schedule.
2.  IPSM will only promote one product/workshop two times a month.
3.  Promotions will be approved on a first come, first served basis after submission.
4.  Items for promotion must not conflict with IPS Mastermind’s values or mission (we will not promote seminars for camera skills, photo editing, etc.)

5.  Items for promotion must not directly compete with IPSM’s educational site.

6.  All information will be posted on our pages by the IPSM team. You may not post on your own behalf.

7.  If your product/workshop if approved for promotion you agree to promote IPSM to your audience. (social media, e-mail list, newsletter, etc.) You may use your affiliate link to do this. You will be sent a graphic and link that you can share easily. Please be sure to copy us on any e-mails showing that promotion.

-Promotion of products and vendors in our Facebook groups
If you are promoting a product in response to a question in our Facebook groups, and post links to your company, we must be allowed to post links to IPSM in your Facebook group in return.

Please submit any promotions or questions to contact@ipsmastermind.com.