Raise your hand if you've ever stayed up till 2AM, agonizing (again) about your price list. 

Pricing is one of those topics that can be incredibly frustrating and confusing, but is one of the most essential to get right.

Especially if you're not naturally a numbers person, you may find yourself pulling your hair out trying to understand terms like CODB, COG, and - worse yet - figure out how taxes play into all of this. 

Take a deep breath! The IPS Mastermind pricing classes are designed to simplify this topic and take all the frustration and guesswork out of it! You'll learn how to calculate your cost of doing business, how to determine a pricing strategy that will work for you, and how to determine your average sales goals and start to hit them consistently. 

This is one area of the site you can't afford to skip, and all these classes (and dozens more) are included in your Masters Collection membership.

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Pricing is the age old problem in the photography industry. Conventional wisdom would say that if you are priced too high, your ideal client will not be interested, and if priced too low…well….how do you compete with free? This course covers how to find the right price for you and your business. Join Jeff and Carolle on this 3 part journey uncovering how they became one of the most profitable studios in North America.

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Chris Wooley's teaching style is straightforward and clear, which is perfect for a class about pricing -- a topic which can often be confusing and overwhelming! With his help, you'll feel more confident about your pricing strategy and structure after taking this class, which is perfect for beginning or more advanced photographers.

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In this class, Jamie shares the results she has seen with a variety of pricing structures over the years as she discusses the pros and cons of various pricing models. With a quick overview of the most popular options, she’ll walk you through how to implement each of them well to maximize your service to your clients and sales for your business.

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This course will take an in-depth look at the photography market and the purchasing habits of potential clients, especially within the luxury market. Lindsay will address common questions and fears that sometimes stop us from progressing or making sound business financial decisions. 

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Dive into Part 2 of Lyndsay's course and learn about determining pricing, pricing your artwork and digitals, and pricing strategies. Also look into the sales session and Q&A!

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