Just imagine your business if you could confidently connect with your inquiries over the phone, build value, and move them toward booking, all without fear and anxiety.

Few people will argue with the idea that connecting with clients on the phone is a POWERFUL tool to increase bookings. But many photographers struggle with lack of confidence on the phone. They are worried they'll say the wrong thing, worried they'll be stumped by a tough question, and worried their clients will see a phone call as an inconvenience.

Get the phone script from IPS Mastermind that is changing the game for IPS photographers

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Learn how to get people on the phone

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What if your inquiry comes through email or messenger? Learn how to respond to get prospects to agree to that first phone call.

Build value in your work

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The number one mistake: talking pricing before building value. Learn exactly how to create desire and get your clients to WANT what you have before you address pricing at all. 

Learn how to connect with clients

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Go beyond the pleasantries and learn to connect and build relationship, BEFORE trying to sell anything.

Move toward booking

Use the phone call to move the prospect toward an in-person consult, or directly to booking. Learn strategies to make these calls efficient and highly productive to increase your booking rate!


The phone script is included with your Masters Collection membership!


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Along with this 13-page phone script, as a member of IPS Mastermind you'll get instant access to DOZENS of classes about business, marketing, sales, pricing, branding, and everything else you need to know to run a successful business and make more money with IPS!


Don't take our word for it... see what members of IPS Mastermind have to say!


I was brand new to IPS and, although I am quite comfortable on the phone, I had no idea what to say. For the first few phone calls, I had the script, highlighted and marked in front of me. So when a client would say something similar to the examples, I would have Rachael's answers ready. It was such a lifesaver! I have read it so many times now, that it is fully embedded in my head and during the last few weeks, I have had a 95% success rate in getting clients to come in for a consultation. I am able to give value to my work, over the phone, and excite my clients long before they meet me. I am beyond grateful!

-Jess K.


I have the phone script saved to my dropbox so even if I am not at home when I talk to potential clients, I have it with me everywhere. Game changer! It's my guide always now, and has upped my game tremendously. 

-Jama P.


What really helped me learn to not fear the phone was learning the flow of an actual phone call, and what to say at the beginning, what info to gather in the middle and how to end it with a next step. I'm much quicker and more confident in picking up the phone these days to talk with clients, when before I sometimes hoped the call would go to voicemail!

Christina M.