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Rachael Boer

Location:  Maryland and Washington DC Area (Offers online coaching)
Website: www.rachaelboerphotography.com
Phone:  240.446.1697
Email: rachael@rachaelboerphotography.com
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Dorie Howell

Location:  Washington DC suburbs (Offers online coaching)
Website:  www.doriehowellcoaching.com
Phone:  703.766.8399
E-mail:  dorie@doriehowell.com
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Kara Krause

Location: Waukesha, Wisconsin
Website: www.karareese.com
Phone: 262-208-5272
Email: kara@karareese.com
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Faith hovde

Location: Kennewick,WA
Website: www.emeraldstudios.info   
Phone: (509)795-1983
Email: f.emeraldphotography@gmail.com
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MEgan Dipiero

Location: Fort Myers, Florida
Website: megandipiero.com
Phone: (239) 898-4112
Email: info@megandipiero.com
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Corey Reese

Location: Atlanta, GA
Website: www.coreyreese.com
Phone:  (678) 725-7957
Email: info@coreyreesephotography.com
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