Current members: it's time to move your membership over to THIS brand-new site!

The old will be disappearing in a few months, so it's important to move your membership over within the month of March. 

The date you choose in March is up to you. You can certainly do so right now (and we'd encourage you to do that!). Just know you will be charged when you sign up, so if you want to avoid double-paying, you can wait until right before your next billing date to make the transition. Totally up to you!

Here's a little video that explains how easy this is:

When you join this new site by clicking "Join now" in the menu above, make sure to join the Masters Collection and make sure you use the coupon code: 


This will enable you to get our Masters Collection, which is normally priced at $79/month, for just $35/month! You can keep this rate for as long as you remain a member. 

If you cancel and then want to sign up again, you will do so at full price.


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We hope you enjoy the new site!! Thank you for being part of our community!