*Rachael Boer

Location:  Maryland and Washington DC Area
Website: www.rachaelboerphotography.com
Phone:  240.446.1697
Email: rachael@rachaelboerphotography.com
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*Dorie Howell

Location:  Washington DC suburbs
Website:  www.doriehowellcoaching.com
Phone:  703.766.8399
E-mail:  dorie@doriehowell.com
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*jamie clauss

Location: North Alabama
Website: www.theserviceofsales.com
Phone: 256-513-9607
Email: team@theserviceofsales.com




Location:  Philadelphia, PA
Website: www.raebarneseducation.bigcartel.com
Phone: 215-278-9181
E-mail: rae@raebarnes.com


*david and whitney scott

Location:  Bentonville, AR
Website: www.whitneyscottphotography.com
Phone: 417.438. 5501
E-mail: info@whitneyscottphotography.com


*Chris Wooley, cpp

Location:  Washington State
Website: Headsandtailsphoto.com
Phone: 509-703-7239
E-mail: chris@headsandtailsphoto.com


*mark rossetto

Location: Queensland, Australia
Website: www.markrossetto.com
Phone: +61 439 552 710
Email: mark@markrossetto.com



Location: Bedford, NH
Website: www.dachowskiphotography.com
Phone:  (603) 488-1850
Email: jeff@dachowskiphotography.com


*tavis & Amy guild

Location: Yakima, WA
Website: www.tavisandamy.com
Phone: (509) 969-6988
Email: info@memorymp.com

Screen Shot 2018-06-04 at 10.51.06 PM.png

marino headshots.jpg

*JOanne & jason marino

Location: Kingman, AZ
Website: www.imaginephotoaz.com
Phone:  (603) 488-1850
Email: info@imaginephotoaz.com


*Lindsay Walden

Location: Dallas/Fort Worth
Website: www.lindsaywaldenphotography.com
Phone: (972) 834-4662
Email: lindsay@lindsaywaldenphotography.com


*Kara Krause

Location: Waukesha, Wisconsin
Website: www.karareese.com
Phone: 262-208-5272
Email: kara@karareese.com


*Faith hovde

Location: Kennewick,WA
Website: www.emeraldstudios.info   
Phone: (509)795-1983
Email: f.emeraldphotography@gmail.com


MDP headshot 2018.jpg

*MEgan Dipiero

Location: Fort Myers, Florida
Website: megandipiero.com
Phone: (239) 898-4112
Email: info@megandipiero.com


*Corey Reese

Location: Atlanta, GA
Website: www.coreyreese.com
Phone:  (678) 725-7957
Email: info@coreyreesephotography.com


Austin Pekarek.jpg

Austin Pekarek

Location: Fort Myers, Florida
Website: www.austinpekarek.com
Phone: (417) 293-9678 
Email: contactus@austinpekarek.com


Edward Maurer

Location: Fredericksburg, VA
Website: www.edwardjohnphotography.com
Phone:  (248) 636-2546
Email: ed@edwardjohnphotography.com


Lydia Leclair headshot.png

Lydia Leclair

Location: Harwich Port, MA
Website: www.eyelydphoto.com
Phone: (805) 699-5484
Email: lydia@eyelydphoto.com


Sydney Shire

Location: Wawota, Saskatchewan, Canada
Website: www.sydneyblaire.com
Phone:  (306) 575-8436
Email: hello@sydneyblaire.com

sydney shire headshot.jpg

Jason April Lloyd headshot.jpg

Jason & April Lloyd

Location: Blytheville, Arkansas
Website: www.soulreflectionsphoto.com
Phone: (870) 623-7002
Email: info@soulreflectionsphoto.com


sarah shorthose

Location: Wawota, Saskatchewan, Canada
Website: www.sjanephotography.com
Phone:  (573) 690-7427
Email: sarahjanephotos@aol.com

Sarah Shorthose.jpg

Gretchen Adams.png

Gretchen adams

Location: San Francisco Bay Area
Website: www.gretchenadams.com  
Phone: (925) 676-7036
Email: Gretchen@gretchenadams.com


Erin Bonilla

Location: Wawota, Saskatchewan, Canada
Website: www.bonillapetphotography.com
Phone:  (757) 912-5862
Email: artist@bonillapetphotography.com


Lindsay Betz headshot.jpg

Lindsay Betz

Website: www.gretchenadams.com  
Phone: (925) 676-7036
Email: Gretchen@gretchenadams.com

Allison Tyler Jones

Website: www.bonillapetphotography.com
Phone:  (757) 912-5862
Email: artist@bonillapetphotography.com


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