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Come join us at the best photography conference

Bring us your half-finished price list, your mostly-empty marketing plan, your website which desperately needs updating, your sort-of written business plan.

We’ll pull out our sharpened pencils and get to work with you, so you’ll walk out the door breathing a huge sigh of relief, knowing that you moved your business forward.

WORK IT OUT (1).jpg

When? October 27 from 3-7 PM

Where? The Photo Colle Collective - Denver, CO 80204

Who? YOU. And Rachael Boer and Dorie Howell from IPS Mastermind, and a few other friends who are ready to get stuff done.

What? A hands-on workshop designed to move you past your mental blocks and check things off your to-do list. Particularly the big things that are holding you back.

Why? Because we all have great intentions, but find it hard to get moving. Because we all have projects we KNOW we need to finish; we just need a little push. Because we want to see you finally move past these roadblocks and get on to rocking your business.

Please come prepared to work hard.

Come with a project or task that you need help with, but be prepared to work hard to accomplish that goal. We’ll give you the direction, the feedback, the motivation, and the encouragement. We’ll give you our totally honest opinion based on years of business ownership and coaching experience. But you need to be ready to do the work.

No excuses allowed. We mean that.

Once we’re done sweating it out, we’ll all breathe a sigh of relief knowing your price list or marketing strategy or business plan is looking great. Then we’ll share a meal at Interstate just down the street, and enjoy refreshing, honest conversation about life and business while we chow down on DENVER'S BEST SCRATCH-MADE COMFORT FOOD.

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The fee for the Work It Out workshop is $250 and includes:

  • Four hours of worktime to cross things off your list with the help of Rachael and Dorie to offer their expertise

  • Snacks, coffee and treats sponsored by Design Aglow and H&H Colorlab

  • Goodybags Sponsored by H&H Colorlab and N-Vu

  • Swag by IPS Mastermind and other sponsors

  • Dinner at The Interstate Sponsored in part by Fundy Software and Serendipity Albums

  • Enough discounts and freebies by our sponsors to cover the cost of the entire workshop.

Fill out the form below to join us! We can’t wait to help you work it out so you can get past your roadblocks and kick-start your business.


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