Heather Chesky

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Heather Chesky is a sought after Senior Portrait Photographer based in Northern Virginia.

After being laid off from her steady day job, she quickly learned how to market her then side photography hobby into a thriving business model that now supports her family of four. She also coaches other aspiring photographers so that they can have consistent bookings, be the go to photographer in their area, and feel confident to charge what they are worth.

Heather offers a variety of different coaching options, the most popular being a 4-month intensive program. VIP Coaching Days are also available. For more information about coaching with Heather, please visit her site at:


And/or email Heather at theaspiringtog@gmail.com

Other testimonials:

SHANNON : “Heather is amazing! Her words are inspiring to say the least! Here gentle, encouraging words during the hard moments of my business keep me going and push me to keep pursuing my dreams. Her advice on streamlining, prioritizing and outside the box ideas have made a HUGE impact in my photography business!”

AMY: “I was in a position where I had to start bringing in income for my family and I am so grateful for Heather’s help! Knowing that I ma not still fumbling around in the dark alone is refreshing! I could not have done it with out Heathers suggestions and coaching!”

GINA: “Heather is so amazing! All I can saw is WOW! I know so many people who are talented with photography who say it’s impossible to make good money from it, but heather has found a way to do that while taking care of her family and herself! Making consistent money from photography can be done and heather is proof! Her drive and energy will help catapult you and your business!”

Learn more about Heather read our one-on-one interview HERE and be sure to check out her class, Fun and Profitable Senior Rep Programs