Start a step-by-step tour through a dozen core classes covering all the essentials of running an efficient and highly profitable photography business.

You'll learn from successful working photographers and have support along the way!


Who is the essential Series For?

The Essential Series is ideal for newer photographers, or those wanting to transition to an in-person sales (IPS) business model for the first time.


Running a photography business can be overwhelming.

Trying to figure out what to charge for your work can make your head spin.

Then there's the issue of branding your business and figuring out who you are and what kind of business you're trying to build.

Learning how to market is another BIG challenge for many people.

And lastly, sales - or IPS - can be a daunting and scary topic if you're new to it.

Where do you go to break this all down and make it easier?

The Essential Series is designed to walk you through twelve key courses, in order, so you can get your business set up on a STRONG foundation. These topics are absolutely critical for your long-term success!

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When you join the Essential Series, you'll instantly get access to the dozen classes listed below. We recommend you take them in order for the best learning experience.

You'll be invited to join the Essential Series Facebook group, so you can chat with other members and find support along the way.

Whether you're brand new to IPS, or just want to make sure your business is set up on a firm foundation before moving on to the Masters level, the Essential Series is the perfect first step to a more profitable business.

Your membership fee of $35 is automatically charged every 30 days as long as you decide to stay a member. You can cancel or upgrade to the Masters Collection anytime. 

Current classes in the Essential Series membership:

These classes are all taught by real, working photographers, and the information is concise and practical so you can implement it right away!


In this class, Rachael Boer breaks down the topic of IPS and makes it easy to understand. Learn why IPS is great for you and your clients, learn what you need to start, and how to run the sales appointment so it's enjoyable, efficient, and profitable. 

Have you ever wondered if you're good enough to do IPS? What if your work isn't up to par? What if you're afraid you won't be any good at sales? In this class, Aly Elliott will ease your fears by helping you understand exactly what you need to know to make the transition smoothly and successfully. 

In this course, David and Whitney Scott dive deep into their sales process and give you an inside look at some of their best techniques and processes. You’ll learn the “why” behind many of the decisions they make, and how they communicate with their clients during the sale itself. They will share their story of switching to in-person sales and the success they’ve found since, even working in a small, rural area with specific challenges.

Pricing is the age old problem in the photography industry. Conventional wisdom would say that if you are priced too high, your ideal client will not be interested, and if priced too low…well….how do you compete with free? This course covers how to find the right price for you and your business. Join Jeff and Carolle on this 3 part journey uncovering how they became one of the most profitable studios in North America.

In The Great Pricing Debate, Jamie shares the results she has seen with a variety of pricing structures over the years as she discusses the pros and cons of various pricing models. With a quick overview of the most popular options, she’ll walk you through how to implement each of them well to maximize your service to your clients and sales for your business.

One of the scariest parts of moving to an in-person-sales business model is the unknown. What are you supposed to do first? How will your clients respond? Rae Barnes will help break down this overwhelming topic into simple, manageable steps so you can move forward with confidence and create a business you can feel proud of -- for the good of your studio and your clients.

You cannot have an effective marketing plan without first identifying your target market. This course will not only break down why defining your ideal client is so crucial but will also walk you through exactly how to do it. After we define your ideal client we will dive into how to actually attract that client to your business with thoughtful and purposeful marketing messages.

The Marketing Blitz course is designed to break your business into your market with a bang! It’s not about finding ONE magic thing that you do once but instead about creating a blitz of your market so that clients see you everywhere all without busting your budget. This is a class for the DO-er who is ready to launch their business into their market and grow it to the next level now!

Learn how to handle the hard questions and gain the confidence to tackle the questions that often trip us up. Specific questions covered in the course include: “Can I just get the digital files?” “Can I see all the images from my session?” “Can I order later?” “I don’t have space for wall art.” and “Why do you cost so much?” If you’re one of the many photographers who struggle with finding the right words for these questions, this course is for you!

Fear is the biggest element that can hold us back in business. It is the one thing that if we do not conquer it, we simply will not be able to run a successful business.  Selling can be scary at first, but Dorie will help you understand fear, begin to conquer it, and use it propel you to the next level.

Learn 9 effective habits that will super charge your business! Change the way you think about your client interactions and business relationships for the better. By following along with these simple habits, you can provide your clients with a better experience, avoid awkward moments, and make more money.

A buying cycle is defined as “A patterned process consumers and business buyers go through when contemplating a purchase.” When you understand this process, it will help you to be able to position yourself in a way that best communicates with your clients wherever they’re at in the buying cycle. This course is PACKED with practical information that will change your business for the better.

Are you ready to make your business stronger, more profitable, and more fulfilling? Join the Essential Series membership today! When you're ready, you can upgrade to the Masters Collection anytime.