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Four Quick Legal Tips to Protect Your Business from Litigation - by Radiance W. Harris, ESQ.

There is a common misconception that businesses only need to worry about “legal stuff” or hire an attorney after they get in trouble.  While that may be the case for non-business related matters (such as drunk driving or divorce), this is certainly not the case when you are a business owner.  A smart business owner understands that legal is an important and necessary business expense, and proactively takes steps to establish a solid foundation to protect itself from liability. 

Profitable Extended Family Sessions - by Kat Forder

Extended family sessions are popular in my area because "everyone is from somewhere else" and it's a major tourist destination with several major airports. I love the idea of extended family sessions because one of my most treasured images from my childhood is a four-generation picture. In practice though, I have been less than satisfied with how they've been working for my studio.

25 Questions by Richard Donovan

When I first started doing planning session with my clients I was scared out of my pants. What do I say? When do I say it? And all the “what ifs” flooded my thoughts. Then I heard one of my mentors say that the person asking the questions is the one in charge. Years later one of my students and good friend, Craig McNiel reminded me of this in a letter which I have modified for this post. He gave me the credit but I thank him for teaching me what I had taught him.