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5 Reasons You Must Sell Quality Products - by Design Aglow

Just like every other detail of your business, the quality of the canvases, albums and other products you offer your clients says everything about your brand. We know you work hard to create incredible images for your clients and the last thing you want to do is devalue your business by having your gorgeous images printed on a cheap canvas or low quality album.

3 Simple Solutions to Selling Photography Collections - by Design Aglow

If you sell prints, you’ve probably given some thought to portrait collections. And by “given some thought,” we mean you’ve probably spent hours tearing your hair out, calculating COGs, structuring and restructuring packages, crunching numbers, and generally remembering why you became a photographer rather than an accountant or math teacher.

The irony is, you probably won’t see a huge payoff for all that mental energy. In fact, the typical portrait collection -- a big ol’ canvas, a few 8x10s, and a handful of gift prints -- could actually be hurting your business. Many photographers sell some variation of that collection simply because it’s what everyone else does. But haphazard portrait collections can hamper your sales and cause you unnecessary headaches. Here are a few potential problems you should be aware of -- and simple steps you can take to avoid those pitfalls and make your collections work for you.