Four Quick Legal Tips to Protect Your Business from Litigation - by Radiance W. Harris, ESQ.

There is a common misconception that businesses only need to worry about “legal stuff” or hire an attorney after they get in trouble.  While that may be the case for non-business related matters (such as drunk driving or divorce), this is certainly not the case when you are a business owner.  A smart business owner understands that legal is an important and necessary business expense, and proactively takes steps to establish a solid foundation to protect itself from liability. 

Profitable Extended Family Sessions - by Kat Forder

Extended family sessions are popular in my area because "everyone is from somewhere else" and it's a major tourist destination with several major airports. I love the idea of extended family sessions because one of my most treasured images from my childhood is a four-generation picture. In practice though, I have been less than satisfied with how they've been working for my studio.