One on One Interview with Jeff Dachowski

The IPS Mastermind team loves interviewing our instructors to get to know them even better.  Here is our interview with the amazing Jeff Dachowski.


What would you be if you were not a photographer?

I have been a cake decorator, backpack maker, pizza delivery guy, doughnut maker, Real Estate sales person, and construction worker.  If I had to take a job right now, I would probably look to be in the development office of a college.


What is your most embarrassing or funny story as a photographer?

OMG…way too many to share…how about teaching to an amphitheater full of pro photographers and having your pants rip from your front belt region all the way to your knee….while photographing a high school senior on stage?  Good times…Good times…the worst was that Carolle would dip behind the curtain laugh herself silly at how awful the situation was.  Luckliy, that happened at lunch, so I only had to give my program for 4 more hours like that.


If you were stuck on a deserted Island what two items would you take with you?

Sattelite phone…just kidding.  Ipod filled with music and a beach umbrella.


Who was your early influences in the industry?

I wouldn’t be where I am today without Keith Howe, Tim Walden, The Antisdels ,Dave Junion and Scott Kurkian.


What gear is always with you on a shoot?

Full frame Canon camera, Phottix indra lights, cheetah stands, 70-200 and a tripod.


What do you do for fun when you are not working?

I build guitars, and travel.  Mostly I like to spend time with my family.  We have travelled a lot together and I love to “collect” all of the trips we’ve taken and the locales we’ve seen. During the summer months, I fall asleep in my pool for hours at a time.  I tie my float to a corner under an umbrella so I don’t get a sunburn.


What is the best piece of advice you have been given?

If you make your business about helping other people, the rest will come together….and…Be the author of your business.


What would your dream photoshoot look like?

Spending the  morning in Tuscany with world class conditions in possibly the most beautiful place on earth….it actually just happened a few weeks ago. Ill probably never see a better combination of conditions again.


What was your most memorable shoot and why?

I have several…they all revolve around my understanding, either before or after the shoot, that what we do as artists matter to people.  In all cases…someone either was about to die, and we all knew it, or would die unexpectedly within 24 hours of our session and we had no idea.  Photos matter…because in truth, we can’t trust our memories.


What are your future goals and ambitions?

We are thinking about opening another location to serve another community similar to the one we are in right now.  If we do it right, it will essentially more than double our income while working the same amount of time. I greatly enjoy my time of the Board of Directors of Professional Photographers of America.  I love being a part of helping all photographers, not just members become the best they can be.  

Thank you Jeff for this fun and insightful interview!