"Backstage" courses cover areas of business we do behind the scenes. Clients may not see these activities, but they make a huge impact in our business.

If you've been in business longer than 20 minutes, you've realized that it's not all unicorns and rainbows. The glamour of photographing a beautiful family in a sun-drenched field or sharing beautiful portraits with family and friends is only a small percentage of what we do. In reality, we spend much of our time on "backstage" tasks that clients don't see, but that make a tremendous difference in our business success.

These aren't the 'sexy,' exciting tasks, but they are important ones, and the classes in this category will have more of an impact on your bottom line than you probably realize. They're all included with your Masters Collection membership.

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SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is vital for getting your business to rank well in search engines, but it can also be incredibly confusing for photographers. Chris Wooley comes to your rescue in this class, designed for beginners. Implement his tips, and you'll be ranking higher than ever in no time!

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Part two of Chris's SEO class brings you more advanced techniques and tips for improving your search engine optimization. Don't be intimidated - Chris breaks this topic down and makes it easy to understand and implement, even if this area is new for you.

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How do you know how to prepare your images for printing so they come out beautifully? In this class, Michael Howard teaches you how to resize, sharpen, calibrate for color, and prepare your images so you and your clients will be thrilled with them when they come back from the lab!

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You started a photography business because you
love photography. Now you’ve realized that you
also need to learn many other skills in order to
survive…. computers, editing, selling, marketing and  bookkeeping just to name a few.In this course Amy  will show you why, when and how to outsource and what it can mean for your personal life AND your business!

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