We are always looking for dynamic, awesome, fun, smart and successful photographers to share their knowledge with our members. Do you have something to share with our audience that can help them find more success with their business?

We love to see topics like Marketing, Mindset, Workflow, SEO, and the list goes on and on and on. We know you have some great knowledge to share and we would love for you to share it with us. (and we will pay you for it too!)

Please provide us with the following information to apply

to teach a course for IPSM.

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3-4 Sentences. This will be used to describe/market your course.
Course content is due 6 weeks prior to the course launch. If hired, which date is the soonest you can get your course content to us? *

Additional application requirements:

  • Submit 1 minute video to stephanie@ipsmastermind.com introducing yourself and telling us why you want to teach for IPSM. (Please reference our video guidelines for specific instructions about recording your videos)

  • Email your professional headshot (jpg sized to 1500 X 1500px) to stephanie@ipsmastermind.com.


As an IPS Mastermind instructor you will also need to:

  • Do a Facebook Live with Dorie or Rachael in our main group to promote the class

  • A short promo video (UNDER one minute in length) for social media- dynamically tell about your course. Be fun, creative, show personality, and SMILE!

  • Promote your class to your audience. We do offer an affiliate program if you are interested. Please ask upon course approval.


Thank you so much for your application! If your course idea is a good fit for us, we will contact you to discuss compensation, scheduling etc!