Sometimes you just can’t sell in person.

Here at IPSM we love in-person sales (understatement of the year), but we totally get that sometimes you can’t meet with your clients in person. How do you sell to them when they’re not in your studio? We’ve compiled a handy little list of 9 tips that will help maximize your sales even when your clients are miles away.


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Some things on this list may seem familiar to you if you do a lot of long-distance sales, but there just might be a couple new “a-ha” moments even for seasoned pros.

If you’re brand new to selling long-distance and it seems scary, don’t worry! This sales method can be extremely profitable and with these tips you’ll keep your clients happy and comfortable during the sale.

And if you love the idea of long-distance sales and want even more direction, check out this great class by Jeff Dachowski, which explains all the ins and outs of remote sales, including how to set up the technology and more!

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